Mission & Goal


The TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION is dedicated to instilling in its members a sense of fair play, good sportsmanship, and a commitment to creating an environment that will enhance player development and provide the framework to build a positive self-image as part of the athletic experience.


The goal of the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION is to be a leading youth fastpitch organization by creating an organization of winners – especially in life.



Managers are responsible for communicating responsibilities, team activities, tournament information, and financial status to players, parents, and the Director of the Organization.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is to be paid before the first tournament in May (and/or September if the team is participating in the fall season). Where this requirement causes a hardship, confidential arrangements will be made.

Playing Age

In order to maximize the success of the team and the player, and to best perpetuate the competitive nature of travel softball the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION expects and encourages players to play in their age division.


The TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION encourages and expects parents of players to be actively supportive of their child; additionally, parents are expected to support the team, the coaching staff, and the organization. This includes participation in funding activities and team maintenance.


Players, coaches, parents, and family members are responsible for maintaining the integrity and sportsmanship that exemplifies the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION. If undesirable conduct is observed during softball activities, the individual(s) will be asked to disassociate with the organization.


A player is discouraged from playing for another travel team while on the roster of a TAMPA MUSTANGS team. When a TAMPA MUSTANGS team temporarily needs a player, we encourage the coach to give the opportunity to a player from a sister TAMPA MUSTANGS team. EX: Allowed pickups for National Championship tournament.


Where tryouts are necessary, each candidate shall be given the opportunity to 1) bat; 2) bunt; 3) field fly balls; 4) field ground balls; 5) throw and 6) run, in competition with candidates within the same age division. Managers are expected to communicate the results of the tryouts to all candidates. There will no charge assessed for tryouts.

Player Retention

Once a player has been selected for a TAMPA MUSTANGS team, the player should remain on the roster from year to year assuming the player and parent(s) continue to support the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION’S Mission Statement and Bylaws. For the purpose of continuing to develop players within the organization, players should be moved up to the TAMPA MUSTANGS team in the next age division as they become eligible for the next age division.


The maximum number of players on a roster will be 20. The organization does not support managers or coaches soliciting players from another TAMPA MUSTANGS team with the intention of adding that player to the permanent roster unless managers from both teams and the director are in agreement. Managers and coaches are discouraged from soliciting players from other teams/organizations unless the player has expressed interest in playing for the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION.


Any girl between the ages of 8 and 18, inclusive, will be eligible to tryout for their respective age division. The divisions being 10 and under; 12 and under; 14 and under; 16 and under; and 18 and under, and not limited to one team per division. The age cut-off date for the age eligibility is consistent with the age eligibility cut-off dates of the softball organizations in which the teams play. E.g. ASA, PGF, NSA, ISA, AFA, AAU, FAST, and any other softball organization the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION elects to gain sanction in.

Tournament Play

A TAMPA MUSTANGS team may play in “A” tournaments of their choice assuming funds are available and when playing in the tournament is in the best interest of the players and the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION. Teams are encouraged to have the goal of playing in National Championships not for trophies but to play at the highest level to help players achieve their goals on the field and in their lives. We are dedicated to helping our players get recognition while reaching the next level of play. Through instruction, mentoring, and high level competition, we want to develop players not only into better softball players, but also better young women.

Social Media (Addendum #1) (Oct. 2017)

In our constant attempt to mainftain the integrity of our organization, the manner in which we conduct ourselves away from the field has a direct affect on our players, the team, and the organization. As more and more teams join the ver growing world of technology, it is noted that the way we conduct ourselvews on social media plays a key role in the example we are setting for all young athletes across the country. It is asked that we show the same professionalism and integrity to all teams and individual players on all social media be it public or private. If undesirable conduct is observed or reported, the individual(s) will be asked to dissassociate with the organization.


Each team is responsible for its own funding for operational expenses e.g. tournament fees, equipment, travel, uniforms, etc. Teams are encouraged to participate in mutual fund raising activities where the profits will be divided according to the team’s participation, or where profits will be added to the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION’S general account for the purpose of funding mutual expenses. E.g. Insurance, organizational operating expenses. For the purpose of tax exemption and tax reporting, teams will deposit funds into the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATIONAL checking account. Teams must maintain an income and expense sheet in order to balance against above mentioned account. All deposits and expenditures must be reported to the Director for accounting purposes. Teams are entitled to audit their respective balances held in the Organizational checking account. In the event that a TAMPA MUSTANGS team disbands or a player/s leaves, any funds solicited or earned under the auspices of the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION shall remain in the organization’s operational account.